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June 2011 Archives

Supreme Court holds age is factor in Miranda rights, Part 2

Welcome back to our discussion on the recent United States Supreme Court case which held that a juvenile's age should be a factor when deciding whether the young person was considered "in custody" for purposes of a Miranda rights analysis. We began the topic in the last post.

Supreme Court holds age is factor in Miranda rights, Part 1

We often discuss juvenile law on this blog and its many differences from the regular criminal justice system that deals with adults. Ultimately, our country decided to structure its justice system for young people focused more on rehabilitation than punishment, although some people argue that it doesn't do a very good job of it.

Colorado teacher accused of having sex with student

As we have said before, the state of Colorado takes instances of sexual assault against students by teachers extremely seriously, even if the relationship appeared to be consensual. This is because teachers are believed to be in a position of power and can easily take advantage of students.

El Paso County jury finds teen guilty of manslaughter

Last August, a 19-year-old man shot a mechanic seven times outside of Big O Tire in Monument, Colorado, during an altercation involving the mechanic and the teen's father. Last week, an El Paso County jury found the man guilty of reckless manslaughter for the shooting after close to eight hours of deliberating.

Air Force not taking 'Spice' use with a grain of salt

Military servicemen and women in the Colorado Springs area should be aware that 30 airmen at Tinker Air Force Base have been discharged by Air Force officials for their use or possession of a synthetic version of marijuana that is known as "Spice."

Colorado Springs teen accused of stabbing dad

Domestic disputes are all too common in Colorado and lead to many injuries and deaths each year. Arguments between couples occasionally escalate further than they should, and sometimes teenage children try to step in and help one parent or stop the fight.

Colorado man dies from punch in fight

Fights are common amongst young people and even adults in Colorado. However, what people may think is "just a bar fight" can lead to serious charges if someone is left injured. In fact, fights can lead to felony assault and battery charges, which could mean time in prison.

Pueblo woman pleads guilty to murdering sleeping boyfriend

In serious criminal cases, people's liberties are at risk and so defendants are given the chance to defend themselves against the crimes they are accused of in a court of law. Because this process is so important, our Constitution guarantees defendants the right to an attorney when they could face prison time.

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