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May 2011 Archives

Colorado Springs police kick off DUI checkpoint Friday

Although many people argue that DUI checkpoints are an impermissible search and seizure under the United States Constitution and several states have outlawed them, checkpoints are considered legal in the state of Colorado.

Colorado Springs police arrest alleged robber on crutches

Maybe he had past due medical bills. Or maybe he was out of work and needed money for rent. One can only guess at this point, but the situation must have been dire for a man on crutches to rob a bank in Colorado Springs yesterday.

Mistrial ordered in soldier's Colorado Springs murder trial

When it comes to criminal trials, there are very extensive rules governing what evidence is considered admissible and what evidence is considered inadmissible. That is because people's civil liberties are at risk, and our Constitution guarantees all defendants a fair trial before an impartial jury.

Colorado Springs cops spend $700 in strip club sting

Colorado Springs law enforcement officials have found themselves on the defensive after it was discovered that seven detectives assigned to go undercover at a local strip club as part of a liquor compliance audit and prostitution sting spent $700 at the facility.

Colorado Springs cop arrested on child porn suspicion

Sometimes even some of the most unlikely of people end up in trouble with the law. Such is the case for a Colorado Springs police officer who was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of possessing child pornography.

Marijuana DUI bill killed in Colorado Senate

We have written several posts on the proposed bill that would have set a legal limit on the amount of THC medical marijuana users could have in their system to drive in Colorado. However, this week, the Colorado Senate killed the bill in a 20 to 15 vote.

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