Sexual Assault Involving Children

Sexual assault on a child is perhaps the most serious allegation a person can face in terms of its ability to cause lasting damage to his or her life. Sex crimes against children are prosecuted aggressively by state and federal prosecutors, and the mere allegation can cast a lifelong shadow. At Anaya-McKedy, P.C., we represent people accused of sexual assault on a child, helping them minimize the negative effects and do everything possible to protect their rights.

Defending Against Allegations

It is important to protect children from harm, but it is also important to determine the truth. Often, law enforcement officials and prosecutors do not apply the same scrutiny to children that they do to other witnesses. We investigate all allegations thoroughly, examining the relationship between the alleged victim and abuser and the circumstances of the alleged assault. Often, our lawyers find that false allegations are made as part of a domestic argument or child custody dispute.

These cases often involve limited physical evidence, so it is essential to understand the circumstances, interview witnesses effectively and find every opportunity to strengthen your case. Clients appreciate our extensive experience, tireless commitment and compassionate guidance.

Don't Talk To Anyone But Us

If you are being questioned by the police about alleged sexual assault on a child, do not tell them anything. Their goal is to get a confession, or anything that could be interpreted as a confession. In many cases, officers or prosecutors may lie or manipulate a story to get a confession that could ruin your life.

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