Sealing Your Criminal Record

Many people mistakenly believe that records of past arrests were destroyed because they were not convicted of a crime or because their sentence was deferred. But those old ghosts come back to haunt them on college applications or employment background checks. The only way to put the past forever behind you is to petition the court to have your criminal records sealed from public view.

The law office of Anaya-McKedy, P.C., can assist in sealing criminal records. Based in Colorado Springs, our lawyers have helped clients throughout Colorado with this often misunderstood process. Call for a free initial consultation at 719-387-9954.

Let Us Petition On Your Behalf To Seal Your Colorado Arrest Records

Colorado does not provide expungement, the actual destruction of criminal records. It does allow citizens to petition to permanently seal records from prying eyes. Once sealed, you may legally state that the crime or arrest never occurred, and police must respond to any inquiries by saying that there is "no record."

You can seal records of arrest and all related files, for most misdemeanor or felony offenses, if:

  • You were found not guilty at trial.
  • Your case was dismissed before trial.
  • You received a deferred sentence and complied with all terms.

You cannot seal records if you were found guilty at trial or pled guilty, no matter how long ago the conviction. Certain types of crimes, such as domestic violence, cannot be sealed. Some judges stipulate at the time of a deferred sentence that the record cannot later be sealed. Our attorneys can determine whether sealing a criminal record is possible in your case.

The process is not complicated, but the petition should be prepared by an attorney. In filing, we demonstrate that you are eligible and why you need records sealed. After all agencies are contacted for a chance to object (they rarely do so), a hearing is held on the petition.

Requests to seal Colorado criminal records are typically granted after several months. Contact us today to start the process.