Do You Know Your Constitutional Rights?

The rights of all depend on the rights of the least. That is the fundamental insight of the United States Constitution.

For that reason, our country, as opposed to most countries throughout history, generally errs on the side of the rights of the individual, not the right of the sovereign to protect itself. This tendency embodies an understanding that the front lines of freedom are found in the battle to protect the rights of the least among us.

The least among us are generally regarded to be those people facing criminal charges. That is why Anaya-McKedy, P.C., has committed its entire practice to defending people against those criminal charges.

Protecting You Against Overreaching State And Public Authority

In exercising their powers, the state and its agents (police officers, for instance), not infrequently go too far. This going too far can be found when a police officer violates your Fourth Amendment rights during a DUI stop.

Our office's commitment to protecting your constitutional rights means that we take special pains to ensure that we examine the possible violation of those rights in any case we handle. This means, contrary to common opinion, that the real question isn't always a matter of whodunit. It is just as often a question of how the public authority came to identify this person as the one whodunit in the first place.

In other words, under our constitution, process becomes the safeguard against the state. We make it our job to safeguard that safeguard on your behalf.

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