Did You Violate Your Restraining Order?

After an incident of domestic violence, or the allegations that an assault occurred, a restraining order is frequently issued. Whether it is a temporary order or long-term restraining order, any violation of that order may result in serious consequences for the alleged offender.

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Though the actual violation of the restraining order is most frequently a misdemeanor charge, judges tend to treat these cases extremely seriously. Since most protective orders stem from an accusation or finding of domestic violence, a judge may see the violation of the order as continued harassment or violence and sentence the offender to jail or issue other punishments.

Defenses To Charges Of Violating A Protective Order

There are a variety of defenses that can be used when standing up for a client who is accused of violating a restraining order. These can include:

  • Unintentional contact in a public place, when neither party was aware that the other would be there
  • Responding to an invited contact from the protected party
  • Both parties have chosen to disregard the order, shown by a pattern of behavior by both

Regardless of the situation, we can help you fight for your rights in court. A violation of an order of protection or restraining order can result in serious consequences so it is essential that you have experienced legal counsel on your side.

Let Us Defend You

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