Assistance With Restraining Orders

If you have been arrested for domestic violence of any kind, you will face at least one type of restraining order and quite likely, more.

Defense Of Restraining Orders, Violation Of Restraining Orders

In all domestic violence cases, an automatic no-contact order is issued and stays in effect for 72 hours after the arrest. You can have no contact with the complaining party during this time.

The restraining order stays in effect to protect the alleged victim and any witnesses from harassment or intimidation throughout the duration of the legal proceedings.

Civil Orders For Protection: We Can Help

The alleged victim may request a temporary or permanent civil protection order. This order prevents you from contacting the person by phone, in person or electronically — even through a third party. You cannot come within 100 yards of the person at home, at work or anywhere.

With a civil protection order against you, you cannot own a weapon, obtain a security clearance or be hired to perform certain jobs. It prevents you from returning to your home and seeing your children. In a divorce, you will not be treated equally regarding child custody and visitation.

If a temporary protection order becomes permanent, its conditions must be followed for the rest of your life.

If you have been served with notice that a restraining order or protective order has been taken out against you, contact the criminal defense attorneys of Anaya-McKedy, P.C., in Colorado Springs as soon as possible. We will represent you at a hearing to fight the imposition of the order.

Successful Defense Attorneys: Restraining And Protective Orders

Our lawyers are very successful at defeating attempts to impose restraining orders.

We also represent clients charged with violating restraining or protective orders. Even if the original allegation was made up or exaggerated to gain leverage in a divorce or custody battle, violating a protective order results in additional criminal charges.

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