What To Know About Blood Alcohol Content

BAC is often one of those acronyms that everybody has heard, but nobody knows what it actually stands for.

As we discuss in our general DUI FAQ overview, BAC stands for Blood Alcohol Content. A BAC over .08 means you will be charged with DUI.

Do not be misled into thinking that .08 is the only number that matters, however. Even if you are under .08, you can still be charged with a lesser crime.

BAC Results Can Be Unreliable

Also do not be misled into thinking that BAC is somehow an infallible scientific standard. It is, in fact, quite to the contrary.

The various tests, machines and tools used to test BAC can themselves be defective, improperly used or poorly maintained. The person administering the test may not hold the legal qualifications necessary to administer the test in the first place.

Our lawyers draw on all of these possibilities and more when handling your DUI case. In many cases, we can use this information to negotiate a more favorable outcome to your case, sometimes even getting the charges against you dismissed outright.

Defending Your Rights In DUI Cases

At the law firm of Anaya-McKedy, P.C., we defend the rights of people throughout the Colorado Springs area who are facing DUI. We regularly work with clients facing DUI for the first time as well as those clients facing multiple DUIs.

Our attorneys provide you with unique value in that we are former prosecutors. As a result, we understand how the system works from the inside and can help you navigate that system wisely.

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