Was Your Traffic Stop Legal?

When handling DUI cases, it is essential that all aspects of the case be examined in order to determine if any laws were broken by police officers in stopping, arresting, booking or interrogating you. This includes an examination of the traffic stop that led to your DUI arrest.

If you believe you were illegally stopped and subsequently arrested on DUI charges, contact a DUI defense lawyer at the law firm of Anaya-McKedy, P.C., in Colorado Springs. We are an aggressive firm that is dedicated to helping you fight the DUI charges you are facing.

Reasonable Cause For A Traffic Stop

As part of our defense of your DUI charges, we ensure that police officers had reasonable cause to stop you while driving. This means that officers must provide insight into their reasoning. Reasonable cause, or reasonable suspicion, means that the officers observed you breaking a traffic law or believe, due to your driving behavior, that you are possibly engaged in some criminal activity. If police do not suspect any criminal activity before the stop, then they lacked the reasonable cause to stop you.

Once they have stopped you, if alcohol is smelled, empty alcoholic beverage containers are observed or there are other indications that you have been drinking, the officers may have reasonable cause to place you under arrest.

Illegal Search And Seizure

During a traffic stop, an officer may press you to allow a search of your vehicle if they suspect that you may have something illegal in your vehicle. Many of these searches are illegal if you are deemed unable to consent to the search. We are committed to holding police responsible for the violation of your civil rights in cases where they violated the Fourth Amendment and proceeded with an illegal search.

Each DUI situation is handled on a case-by-case basis. No two cases are the same. We strive to help clients understand their options for dealing with a DUI and provide them with information to ensure they can make an educated and guided decision about how to proceed with the case.

Contact A Colorado DUI Defense Attorney

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