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How's your balance? The answer may impact your future

Some people are extremely coordinated and can perform feats that demonstrate great balance and agility. You may be part of that group or you may be among many in Colorado who can barely walk across a room without tripping over your own two feet. Everyone is different in talent and skills that involve physical tests of ability. That's why if a police officer ever asks you to take a field sobriety test, you may want to think long and hard about complying before doing so.

Do you know how blood alcohol concentration affects DUI charges?

Though you, like all Colorado residents, live in an area governed by laws, you may not think too closely about those laws on a daily basis. Certainly, you understand that some actions are obviously illegal, such as theft or assault, but you may not know how the details of particular laws could lead you to face criminal charges. For instance, DUI allegations are relatively common, but you may not have expected to have such charges leveled against yourself.

You can toke, but you can't drive to the store for munchies later

You and your friends may be thrilled that using marijuana on a recreational basis is now legal in Colorado. Perhaps, you've already enjoyed a few parties or simply look forward to smoking a joint on the weekend after a long work week is over. The law says that's your business, so long as you adhere to regulations. As a conscientious resident, the last thing you want to do is get high then drive a motor vehicle, not only because it's dangerous but because it's illegal.

The fine line between rowdiness and a disorderly conduct charge

Do you enjoy getting together with friends in Colorado and having a few cold beers or other libations on a summer's night? If so, it's safe to assume many other readers share your interests. Whether you meet up at your favorite local restaurant or attend a sporting event or concert together, it may be just what you need to get a little rest and relaxation after a hard week's work. You probably noticed that hanging out with your peers helps you loosen up and forget your worries.

When an eyewitness identifies you

As summer approaches, police become concerned. Warmer weather typically means people are away from their homes for extended periods of time or are involved in summer activities. This season tends to bring an uptick in crimes, and law enforcement has already seen more cases of theft and burglary this spring.

Can I face criminal charges related to recreational marijuana?

Recreational marijuana use is legal in Colorado, but there are many restrictions still in place. This means that you could still face drug-related criminal charges, even for the personal or recreational use of a small amount of marijuana. Drugged driving and the unlawful use of this drug is still a serious crime, and charges could lead to consequences that may have a serious impact on your life.

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