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Do I Qualify for Adult Criminal Drug Court?


A defendant may join ACDC after taking a plea to meet the requirements to "wobble" the felony conviction down to a misdemeanor.  Probation may also make it a condition of probation to complete the drug court program as long as the minimum requirements are met.  Those minimum requirements are:

1. The charges must qualify for misdemeanor conversion.  

2. The charge must be a DF4 or plead down to a DF4.

3. It is a second drug felony or multiple at the same time.

4.The quantities of the substance cannot exceed the amount for a DF4.

5. The defendant is eligible for probation and placed on probation for a minimum of 24 months.  

6. Or it involves a revocation of probation for a term of 24 months.


After a plea is taken the probation department will evaluate the case to determine if the defendant is eligible for the program.  In many cases a pre-screening or a pre-sentence investigation report is done prior to sentencing.  These reports are not necessary for acceptance to ACDC.  The goal of the program is to wobble down to a misdemeanor.  ACDC satisfies the requirement of completing of a community based treatment through probation to convert a felony to a misdemeanor.  


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