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January 2014 Archives

Colorado team co-owner faces years of probation for DUI

During the Colorado Rockies' off-season, one of its co-owners, Charlie Monfort, has faced a rocky situation of his own. He was arrested for suspicion of DUI in Weld County in November. The case is over, and Monfort might not be seeing the inside of any correctional facilities, but he's still got some responsibilities on his plate resulting from his drunk driving conviction.

Former coach enters criminal defense to sexual crime charges

Sex crimes are contained in the statutory codes of each state. There may be variations in the names and elements of the offenses from state to state. An offense seen often in recent years, which is recognized in Colorado and elsewhere, is called a sex crime against a child by one in a position of trust. That particular statute attempts in part to close off a criminal defense that might be available when an adult under 21 is arrested for having improper contact with a minor over 16.

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