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July 2013 Archives

Not enough Colorado kids getting the criminal defense they need

When a person's child gets into trouble serious enough that it involves the authorities, it can be a parent's worst nightmare. They want the trouble to end. They want to put the matter behind them and their children in order to be able to better sleep at night.

Parole opportunities might be at-risk in wake of parolee violence

What can get many inmates through the time they must serve for a criminal conviction is knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel. That light often comes in the form of parole, when a convicted offender is let out of prison but supervised by authorities for a given amount of time.

Holiday DWI enforcement leads to 32 Colorado Springs arrests

For most of us, the Fourth of July holiday of 2013 is behind us. We've moved on with our lives and have stored the parties and fireworks in our memories until new ones can be made next year. For those whose holiday turned sour because of a DUI arrest, however, the time period will remain at the forefront of their minds as they worry about their futures.

Stolen computer used against suspect in Colorado sex assault case

The very item that a burglary and sex crime suspect allegedly took during a Colorado Springs incident was used by police in apprehending him. A woman reported that she was raped and that her home was burglarized on July 1. The theft of her iPad later led to evidence that worked as a map straight to the defendant.

Acknowledgment of Holmes' guilt in shootings isn't end of defense

Incidents don't get much more gruesome than the one that took place at the Aurora theater. James Holmes is charged with the murders and attempted murders of various Colorado moviegoers. He recently pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, a murder defense that has ignited fury among those who were directly impacted by the violent crime as well as those who are mere spectators of the criminal trial.

Member of Broncos' team charged with drunk driving

He might not be a current player of Colorado's Denver Broncos, but Matt Russell still represents the team in his role as its director of player personnel. That is why higher-ups from the NFL team are indicating their disappointment in Russell. His recent DWI arrest casts a shadow on the team.

New Colorado laws address violence, ammo and marijuana

Even though laws are meant to create a safer community, often it is the very people who make up that community who have a difficult time keeping up with the laws meant to protect them. Now that we are into July, it is overdue to list a few of the new laws that are officially on the books as of the first of the month:

Anti-DWI effort, 'Heat is On,' is on again in Colorado

You know it is a holiday again when there's a noticably intense presence of law enforcement on Colorado roads. July 4th is just days away, but the campaign to nab drunk drivers this holiday will be on in full force beginning tomorrow. Starting tomorrow evening and continuing through Monday morning, the Heat is On campaign puts drivers at risk of being targeted for drunk driving. 

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