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March 2013 Archives

Colorado doesn't enact tougher sex offender law

For the most part, lawmakers as well as the general public are extremely tough on sex offenders, particularly those whose supposed offenses involved children. Some might be surprised, therefore, to learn that the state did not adopt a legislative proposal called Jessica's Law.

Solitary confinement puts juveniles at risk of mental illness

The natural instinct within most is to protect the young, teens included. When a teen is charged with or commits a crime, they still deserve protection. Every criminal suspect deserves protection from cruel and unusual punishment.

Anti-death penalty advocates fighting for Colorado changes

Currently, defendants convicted of a violent crime like murder in Colorado can be sentenced to the gravest sentence of all: death. There are currently at least a couple of convicted men in line to possibly be executed because of the violent crimes of which they were found guilty.

New Colorado gun laws on way toward passage, at least some

Last week Colorado legislators moved various legislative proposals forward that would make stricter gun laws in the state. Public outcry, however, did prevent all the proposals from being passed. Now, it is up to the governor to sign the bills in order for change to officially take place in the state.

Letter to sister leads to man's Colorado murder charge

Most people would fear facing one criminal accusation in his life. A man in Greeley, Colorado, has been tied to at least three criminal cases in the past couple of years. He just got out of a rape case against him free and clear, only to face a different, more serious charge.

If Colorado proposal passes, fewer criminal suspects' DNA is safe

DNA. The term probably brings to mind TV dramas wherein detectives connect crime scene evidence to a criminal suspect. Reality isn't too far from that, though the reality is that there is a real person, someone with rights, behind the label of "criminal suspect," not an obviously creepy fictional character.

DUI marijuana standard one step closer to Colorado law

Most people understand the laws regarding drunk driving. Such laws have been on the books for some time; not to mention, most can wrap their brains around the fact that driving while drunk is dangerous. Drunk driving laws for the most part seem logical to drivers, even if DUI accusations are sometimes falsely made.

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