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November 2012 Archives

Adolescent brain has influence on juvenile criminal behavior

Juveniles committing crimes is a reality in communities throughout the nation, including Colorado Springs. Young people may find themselves facing charges for such offenses as shoplifting, criminal mischief, underage drinking, drug possession and traffic violations. The consequences for a conviction vary widely but can have long lasting implications. According to one man who studies the development of adolescent brains, the criminal justice system needs to take a second look on how the adolescents are being treated and why.

Colorado lawmaker wants sexual offenses taken more seriously

A recent journalistic investigation into Colorado's handling of sex crimes evidence has some in the state upset and calling for change. The news report indicates that though officials collect rape kits from supposed Colorado sex offense victims, those kits are not being used for anything.

Drunk driving trends mean risk of DUI arrest is high this holiday

Another holiday and another drunk driving crackdown in Colorado. Here and within all states in the U.S. police patrols will be covering the roads looking to pull people over for suspicion of drunk driving. Just when Halloween ended and led to the several hundred arrests we discussed in the previous post, Thanksgiving rolls around and puts drivers at risk of arrest again.

Colorado trick-or-treaters hit the streets; so did DUI crackdown

Around Halloween, lots of police work was taking place in Colorado. As we mentioned in a previous post around the holiday, a big crackdown was planned and netted a lot of supposed drunk drivers. More than 550 people were arrested and charged with DUI all across Colorado, including in Colorado Springs. In addition to the Colorado State Patrol, a variety of sheriff's departments and police departments were involved in the DUI crackdown. The law enforcement plan started on Friday, Oct. 26 at 6:00 PM and didn't stop until Thursday, Nov. 1 at 3:00 AM. Denver had the top number of DUI arrests, and that was closely followed by Aurora, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and Adams County.

Will teen in high-profile Colorado murder case be tried as adult?

We recently published a post about the Colorado teen who has been arrested and charged with the murder of a young girl. The defendant is 17 years old, which adds an element of complication to the way the court will handle this violent crime case.

Colorado campaigner charged with groping voter

The presidential election is over. All of the campaigning that has been filling our heads over the past year will be put to rest, at least until next election season. But though the race is over, a young man who helped campaign for the president is just at the beginning of a different kind of fight.

Local moviegoers: Eat some popcorn and watch a wrongful conviction

While the popular movies in the theaters recently have been Argo and Wreck-It Ralph, a Fort Collins, Colorado, theater was recently filled with people interested in another story: a true story. A man who was a juror in a Colorado murder case more than a decade ago contributed to the making of a film about a man whom he helped wrongfully convict of the violent crime.

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