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October 2012 Archives

Registered sex offenders: No Halloween fun for you

Being convicted of a sex crime in Colorado or anywhere in the country has a significant impact on a person's life and even the life of his or her family. The stigma that goes along with being a registered sex offender is as negative as it gets, even if a person's supposed offense was relatively minor and made up for through serving one's sentence.

Past student of swim coach waits 30 years to make sex abuse claim

An out-of-state criminal case is worth sharing on our Colorado criminal defense blog because it is somewhat disconcerting. A popular swim coach in Maryland has been charged with sexual assault of a child due to events that allegedly happened decades ago.

Colorado murder: child victim, teen suspect

The recent murder of 10-year-old Colorado girl Jessica Ridgeway has moved not just people in the state. It's moved the nation. Violent crimes involving children have a tendency of striking the most sensitive nerve among the public. And now not only is a child the victim in this case, but even the murder suspect is a child.

Colorado woman charged with DUI at 73 years old

Having charges of driving under the influence brought against you can be very scary. It is a serious thing to have to deal with and often the charges can follow people for the rest of their lives. One Colorado woman found herself facing such charges recently as she reportedly struck a food truck and 18-year-old boy with her own vehicle.

Colorado homeowner shoots drunk trespasser, faces no charge

Imagine: It is 3'oclock in the morning. You and your loved one are sleeping in your bedroom when a stranger then enters the room. She says nothing and doesn't respond to your orders for her to get out of your house. If you had a gun in the home, would you shoot the trespasser?

Should Colorado teen be kept from school for sex offense charge?

Anyone can be charged with a crime. Such a charge can stem from a misunderstanding, being at the wrong place at the wrong time or from lies. No matter the charge or the support that led to it, the American way is to presume a criminal suspect is innocent before proven guilty.

Colorado Springs businessman accused of racketeering and fraud

A Colorado Springs businessman has been accused of a number of white collar crimes, including securities fraud and racketeering. Prosecutors claim that he misappropriated approximately $8.5 million in investments raised from 19 different people, using the money for his own expenses and to run other business ventures unrelated to the company they were told they were investing in.

Colorado teens' kidnapping plot thwarted but taken seriously

The idea of kidnapping brings to mind an adult looking to kidnap, well, a kid. But what if it is kids themselves who come up with a kidnapping plot? In the Colorado case of two teens, their alleged plan to kidnap and assault a fellow teen has landed them in custody of different correctional facilities until their trials begin next week.

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