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April 2011 Archives

Mistrial ruled in Olympic wrestler's Colorado rape trial

On Monday of this week, the jury in a rape trial involving an Olympic wrestler was dismissed when they could not reach a verdict after deliberating for almost nine hours over two days. The Colorado 4th Judicial District judge ordered a mistrial and set a hearing for next week, at which time the prosecution is expected to announce if it will pursue a retrial.

Reports of serious crimes rose in Colorado Springs last year

Last week, the Colorado Springs Gazette reported that reports of serious crimes in the city had risen by 12 percent in 2010, according to the Colorado Springs Police Department's annual report. However, reports of rape actually declined 8 percent from 2009 to 2010.

Marijuana DUI bill hits pothole in Colorado Senate

In March, we wrote a post about a bill approved by the Colorado House that sets a DUI impairment standard for medical marijuana users when they get behind the wheel. The bill was then sent to the state Senate, which amended the bill this week to continue research on just what the DUI impairment level should be set at.

Colorado Springs man sues police for not taking him into custody

Usually when people have been drinking they are trying to avoid being into taken into custody by police, not asking for it. In a bizarre case, the Gazette has reported that a Colorado Springs man is suing police and the city over injuries he received following a DUI arrest in February of 2010, claiming that he should have been taken into custody.

Colorado health plan founder faces serious federal indictment

Usually when it comes to white collar crimes, federal prosecutors have spent months and even years building a case up against a suspect before the person is indicted. By that point, the prosecution likely has plenty of incriminating evidence against the person, so the person's defense often becomes focused on negotiating the best plea bargain possible.

Colorado Springs teen sentenced for attacks on mom and brother

For obvious reasons, our criminal justice system treats juveniles differently from adults. It also treats people who are mentally ill differently from people with a normal brain capacity. A recent case in Colorado Springs dealt with a young man who in addition to being a juvenile, also suffers from mental illness, but was accused of committing a very serious crime.

Robbery suspect at large in Colorado Springs

This morning, a Colorado Springs credit union was robbed at gunpoint and now area police are searching for the suspect. Police were called to Ent Federal Credit Union, located on the city's north side, after a hold-up alarm was activated, but the suspect fled before they arrived.

Juvenile parole bill killed in Colorado House

This week in Denver, members of the Colorado House of Representatives considered a bill that would allow juveniles convicted of serious crimes to be eligible for parole after serving 40 years in prison. After hearing testimony from people both supporting and opposing the bill, the House Judiciary Committee killed the bill.

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